Oxford Street Daycare Cooperative believes that childcare should be an extension of children’s home lives. The participation of parents in the classroom helps to bridge the emotional gap between school and home, as well as provide creative opportunities for parents to enjoy their children and meet their children’s friends. For the cooperative to work effectively, it is imperative that parents and staff keep themselves informed and participate fully in the daily life of the center.

Our philosophy is rooted in the belief that the quality of young children’s lives can be enriched through positive early childhood experiences. We encourage high parent involvement as it is critical for a quality program. Each team of teacher plans curriculum activities responsive to children’s interests, feelings, and environment, while introducing new skills and supporting age appropriate problem solving.

Center Goals

  • To create an environment that is nurturing, safe, healthy, and supportive.
  • To provide a community where children can grow socially, emotionally, cognitively, and physically.
  • To create a community where parents and teachers learn from each other.
  • To enroll children and families who reflect cultural, ethnic, racial, religious, national origin, and socioeconomic diversity and to incorporate these in the program.
  • To build a strong partnership between families and staff to make the home-school connection more seamless.